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My journal is half personal which is anything under the sun and half fandom. I sometimes post an entry in that pattern, half fandom - half personal opinion/rants. I'll not make my journal friends only and I don't mind some stranger or random people reading my entry.
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 FINALLY kis-my-ft2 is DEBUTING!!! News floated around twitter and after a few minutes there are online articles supporting it. They will release debut CD this May

I hope it's a single first so that they'll have a new song again after 3D Girl. And they are really ready for an album release with their selections of solo and group songs. I really do expect that Fire beat and Inori will be n their very first album.

And yeah,  don't know how would the "new" fans of kis-my-ft2 will act around the fandom and interact with the ever so patient fans ever. I hope fans of kis-my-ft2 will turn out to be good fans not like the elitist and so scary fans of other debuted groups.

Lastly, I don't know but I feel that there's some conspiracy behind the  kis-my-ft2 debut. I'm not surprised about them debuting in fact I'm so happy and fans really expected it. The thing is, NEWS is on "hiatus" again and are doing solo works and the fact that KAT-TUN fans are so sketchy and whining about the "low" CD sales and dragging other debuted groups and comparing them in their whining.

Like I've beens saying for a not so long time ago, I feel that when kis-my-ft2 debut, they can beat NEWS, KAT-TUN and kanjani8 in terms of CD sales. Well, not sure about kanjani8 but kis-my-ft2 can sing a large variety of song genres. Inori is like a NEWS song, Fire Beat is like a KAT-TUN song and Kis My Calling is like a Kanjan8 song. It's like they can sing every group's genre.

Kis-my-ft2 sings well, they can sing legit rap, Senga and Miyata can do acrobatics, and they can roller skates. 

On the other note, Yokoo finally is in a debuted group. Sadly, Iida left long ago and Takeuchi left M.A.D. and JE just last year. It'll be really epic if  all of the KKKity members debut.

But yeah, I'm really happy for kis-my-ft2. Finally they debut!!!

***This is just a quick update. Will make a real entry later***
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10 movies in a month, that's our aim!

To watch 10 movies in a month, that's our aim! Even though I don't usually like watching movie in the movie house and I prefer watching dramas because it's run time is much shorter, I'm able to watch my 10th movie for the month!

It's Shige's aim, to watch 10 movies in a month, I also want to challenge it. And now I already did it! I have other movies that I haven't yet watch and will look for other movies to watch in the following months to come.

Here's the list of the movies I watched, not in chronological order:

2 local movies:

1. Kimi Dora
2. Here comes the bride

Both are comedy movies and I really like it, it has a lot of funny moments

3. Sunadokei (Sand Chronicles)
4. Kamikaze Girls
5. Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu ( I give my first love to you)
6. Densen no Uta (Suicide Song)
7. Summer Time Machine Blues

8. Riri Shushu no Subete(All about Lily Chou chou)
9. Tada, Kimi wo aishiteru (Heavenly Forest)
10.  Honokaa Boy

The last three movies are recommended to me by my former classmate in Nihongo class

• Sunadokei, for me is a normal movie but it's a love story.
• Kamikaze girls, I really wanted to watch this before. I think it just slipped on my mind. It's really a funny movie, I enjoyed watching it.
• Boku no... it's a sad story but I feel like some of the scenes are expected.
• Densen no Uta, a AKB48 movie! I don't know if I'll watch the whole Majisuka Gakuen drama, I  just watched the 2 episodes where Sayaka appeared in. It's a horror movie, but no that creepy.
• Summer time blues is the last movie I watched! It's really funny, you'll get irritated by how the characters are so stupid! Really, Ueno Juri and Eita have chemistry.

• Riri Shushu no subete is a bit of a dark movie. I felt a bit depressed after watching it but still it's a great movie. A movie for a fan!
• Tada, Kimi wo aishiteru, another love story and the phasing of the story is amazing. I think it's better than Sunadokei.
• Honokaa boy is a light movie, the phasing is a bit slow but when you watch it, it's like you're drawn into watching up to the end.

It's amazing that Japanese movies have different genres and it's enjoyable to watch.
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Friends cut!

Finally! After debating for a long time, I did my second (I think) friends cut.

Why did I cut you? One or more than two things in the list:

1. Your journal is virtually empty.

2. You don't update your journal for a long time, long intervals included.

3. I don't read your journal posts.

4. We have different fandom, interests, likes and dislikes.

5. I just feel doing so (This is subjective of my preferences).
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A bit stalker-ish

Everyone wanted to take a photo in front of the school gates so I also lined up for 10 minutes.

At last there's a report for Shige's graduation. I know a lot of people especially the fans (including me) are curious / interested about that one.

On the day of their graduation, I even looked at Tanimura Nana's blog and Stephanie's hoping that they'll mention each other. XD But obviously, it's their own blog, they won't mention other people and that's their moment. I'm happy to see that they've posted their pictures after the graduation ceremony.

I'm also happy to know that Tanimura Nana got award/s for academic excellence and for outside school activities.

Somehow, I can "proudly" say that My idol / ichiban is a graduate of Law, how about yours?
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Quick post...

It's like something just happen so fast... There's an earthquake with Magnitude 6.0 just a while ago. Nothing serious and no damage occurred in our place.

It's a bit funny because I just thought that I'm getting dizzy because of the heat and the computer monitor is like dancing in front of me, I even hold on to the computer table. Then my sister came out from her room and stared at our chandelier as I am. I'm about to tell her that we go outside the house, but it just suddenly stopped. But the chandelier swings for a while.

Checked my Facebook and my friends from different neighboring places posted in their walls that it is indeed an earthquake. It's a bit strong because it's felt in different places. You can really feel the shaking...

I just felt dizzy after that (and it's not a thought anymore)...