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Realm of a dreamer...

Dreams of nostalgia, sanity, despair, liberation, contentment and solitude...

13 March 1986
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The real me:

- an average person
- a quiet person if I'm around with people I don't know
- a real and kind person
- a true friend
- confidant
- good listener
- adviser
- a martyr with my school works and with life
- plastic to those whom I feel plastic
- in the verge of being a loner and being an introvert
- moody at times
- dreamer
- a home buddy
- a person who knows his self very much
- can only crack corny jokes but you can make we laugh really hard(seriously!)
- I express my thoughts feelings thru my writings
- I believe that there's a time for love, my priorities are my studies and career
- a JE fanboy
- NewS fan, especially Kato Shigeaki and koyashige

- also I'm a fighter,I stand out for my words

- and especially a hopeless romantic type of guy

- self-pity is my game

Lastly, if I can deal with you people, so you can deal with my anxiety and angst...

Remember,life is a two way process,survival of the fittest, a give-and-take process and you should NEVER take things for granted...

Episode 10 : Chapter : Autumn "Solitary Cross" ; "Nemurenai yoru wo daite"

All sound has died out...
The cold, dark night gradually fills the room.
Unable to get sleep, holding on to the covers...
Suddenly, that's when it strikes. As if my chest was being squeezed.
Feeling like I want to cry. A painful, uneasy feeling...
Yes... From the depths of my soul, a thing called
"loneliness" is coming...

Boys Be...

A person cannot gain something with out losing something. To gain something you need something of equal value. This is the law of conservation.

Full Metal Alchemist

Hedgehog's dilemma:
(Neon Genesis Evangelion)

"The closer we try to get together, the more we hurt each other"

The closer two beings come to each other, the more likely they are to hurt one another; however if they remain apart, they will each feel the pain of loneliness

"It's my fault. No one knows I exist..."
Episode 10 : Chapter : Autumn "Solitary Cross"
"Nemurenai yoru wo daite"(Boys Be...)

Remember, just be who you wanted to be in your life and I would be who I wanted to be in my life...


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